Our Family's Little Nature Spot

Two years ago when Dezmond and I moved to Maryland we found this amazing little trail near our house. It's tucked away behind apartment buildings and schools. This trail has become our family's little nature spot and we love visiting it together. We've made trips here with the baby bike trailer, jogging with the dogs, and even with our new City Mini Baby Jogger. Even though it's January it was one of the warmest days we've had in a while so I decided to take Aria out and make the most of it.

It is full of scenic views including the Anacostia River, thousands of old rocks and trees on a path that spans multiple miles long. It is the perfect spot to enjoy my family and the outdoors in one place. Here is where we'll teach our children about the Earth, how we have to love and respect it so things can grow and we can get the oxygen that sustains our planet. I taught Aria to say tree and grass so she can start to understand the types of things that live outside. One thing I'm grateful she hasn't learned about yet is dirt. I know that's coming though.

There are trails all over the DMV area especially and I encourage you to find one in walking distance of your house to spend with your loved ones. Especially when it gets warmer it'll be a good place to let your little ones burn out all their energy!

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