Baby numero dos!


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we're expecting baby number 2! Our family is growing so quickly as we become a family of 4 (6 including our pit-children) and Aria is excited to step into the new role of being a BIG sister!

During my first pregnancy, we were hesitant to share all of the moments we documented and did not share our news publicly until I was 7 months pregnant! During our first pregnancy, we decided not to get information on the gender and we didn't know that we were having a little girl until the day she was actually born (how the heck did we wait that long!?). For some reason with numero dos, I could hardly stand it. I was the most impatient, crazed, mama-to-be that couldn't wait one second longer!

Recording a video was an easy way for us to document this amazing moment as a family where we learned if we would be seeing shades of blue or tints of pink in our future. This time around, I want to be extremely open about my pregnancy about all the first time I feel the baby kicking to the disgusting crap they don't tell you but you find out anyway. I'm a little over three months now so we are entering this second trimester fully knowledgeable thanks to the beautiful little first born who more than prepared us for parenthood. Thank you all for caring to stay in the know and for keeping up to date with us as we ride this amazing wave of expanding our family, again!

Watch the video below to find out what the Seifu family will be welcoming in November of 2018!