How To Get Into Barnes & Noble Retailers

Being a new author isn't easy and getting into a retailer won't happen overnight. My juiciest piece of advice for anyone starting on their marketing journey is BE PERSISTENT. Nothing will happen for you without that consistent and often "badger-y" persistency that you need to move your own project forward. 

These are the best steps to take to get your self-published project into a major retailer like Barnes & Noble so you can hold your own author signing and have your books consigned so you can get paid for the copies you sell.

1. Make sure you have a well-edited project. If editing is not your forte, don't cut corners and rush to publish. Find a great editor (like myself) or someone with an English Literature background before you publish anything.

2. Do your homework. Make sure you have your book available on Amazon or another national distribution outlet who can distribute your book online. This just shows that your project is marketable and you can acquire as many peer reviews as possible that will be visible on that channel. Peer reviews are KEY.

3. Get your book reviewed by a professional company. There are tons of review companies, some of them you have to shell out a pretty penny like Kirkus Reviews but the accolades that you get with reviews of that magnitude will do your project wonders. Other review companies I would recommend are Reader's Favorite Book Reviews. You can get your book reviewed for free for a wait or you can pay $50 to expedite that process to a 2-week turn around.

4. Write a killer pitch. Once you're ready to reach out to a retailer like B & N, you need to have a perfectly written pitch that outlines who your publisher is, Your IBSN, genre, what your book is about, where you have had success marketing your project and how you plan to expand. This is a great place to highlight where you have fabulous reviews from, too!

5. Google your nearest Barnes & Noble location. Ask for the contact of their book buyer. Metropolitan areas typically have one large office that will schedule your appearance. First, they'll look at your pitch and then they will offer you a sales request form if they feel your project is marketable. From there, the book buyer will assess the demographics of your area and choose a B & N location that will give you the best platform to sell the most copies. 

Last but not least, be persistent. This process is a slow one and can take months. You'll get as much out of your project as you put into it so always put your best foot forward.

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