Epic City Interview on WOWD-LP 94.3!

Yesterday was my first ever live interview as a children's book author and podcast host. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share about "When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Myself" and the #diversebooks4diversekids podcasts on WOWD-LP 94.3, an independent radio station in DC.

Who am I kidding?! I was a nervous wreck walking into the interview with notable children's book author and show host Carolivia Herron. It was an honor to speak with her about diversity in kids books. She's been advocating for inclusion and diversity since before her release of Nappy Hair in 1997.

Epic City is a show she began in 2015 and it talks about legacies of authors and movements that shaped the world as we know it today. Diversifying books has been an epic that started centuries ago with slave narratives. It should be a "no-brainer" in this day in age to add diversity to books. Of course parents and teachers should be incorporating stories that teach about ethnicities and culture into their libraries. It seems like kids it has only been until recently that authors, bloggers and other literary critics are are starting to advocate for marginalized voices to be reflected and celebrated outside of Black History Month. Why? These are the voices that speak to American culture which has become a melting pot of every language, culture, and ethnicity. 

That is the point of #diversebooks4diversekids is to spread awareness about the importance of  diverse books to bridge better understanding between us and our neighbors. It's about embracing the communities we live in and overall about loving and accepting one another.

Reading "When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Myself" live was an incredible experience. I also shared about 3 other books that have been featured in past podcasts: "The Remembering Wall" by Laura Sterling, "The Mystery of the Missing Parathas" by Shuchi Mehta and Shweta Chopra, and "Two Halves Make Me Whole" by Tiffany D. Taylor.

Because yesterday went SO well, they have asked me to finish developing my own program that will be airing on Saturdays so I can keep sharing more stories to children and their families! I am so excited that #diversebooks4diversekids is coming to the air in Washington DC this summer. I know I'll feel right at home alongside other talented artists on WOWD-LP 94.3 which is an independent station in DC. Make sure you subscribe to get updates about when the show airs and where to find the audio if you live outside of the DMV (Dc, Maryland, Virginia).

Thank you so much for your support of A. Cole Books and lets keep growing together! To hear a behind the scenes segment of the show, click the audio below!