Goodbye OB, Hello Midwifery!


Goodbye Obstetrician, hello midwife! 

A typical hospital birth can be described as a triage check-in and waiting until you're fully dilated (10 cm) and then you're shuttled into a frantic delivery room, with twenty nurses running around, and an on-call obstetrician who grabs your baby and rolls out before you even name it. This time around, I suggested to use midwives instead, and I'll tell you why.

First, what is a midwife? What is the difference between delivery with an obstetrician and delivery with a midwife? The difference is vast but for me, it boils down to two things, energy and environment.

Obstetricians will intervene often. There's a lot of yelling and swift movements with lots of people running through the hospital room. After you give birth, there are umpteenth visits from nurses Jill, Sue, and Steve and you're laying there on that hospital bed that is painfully uncomfortable. 

Midwives are highly-trained nurses who specialize in fertility and fetal-health medicine. They are generally used for women who are considered "low-risk" in pregnancy because they allow the patient to labor largely on their own in natural birthing suites. Their deliveries cater to making sure the women are comfortable and tend to their individualized needs during labor like music preference, temperature, aroma, etc. Midwives also provide a source of calming, feminine energy that is empowering when you need the strength of a superhero.

Labor is going to be SO different this time around! Aromatherapy to relax, in-suite hydrotherapy tubs to labor in, immediate skin-to-skin contact with baby, and a family-centered room.

This is super important for us because my fiancé, Dez was instrumental in assisting with the labor and delivery of Aria- he even cut the umbilical cord! Now, I will have him and Aria to be a part of such the beautifully painful process of delivering our son and Aria’s new brother.

Through a my first pregnancy, I found out that I am a friggin' warrior. I've already developed one baby and brought her in the world, safely, with "0" pain-reducing medication. I sure as hell can do it again!

(SPOILER: Our whole plan was to deliver naturally in a very comfortable birthing suite in our hospital with an 'OB' but Aria came so damn fast, she had other plans! I ended up laboring at home in our tub, Dez raced to the hospital fully dilated kicking out the speakers in our backseat and gave birth only about an hour after we checked in)

When it comes to delivery, I feel way more confident going into labor knowing what to expect and how we should do things differently. What they don't tell you during pregnancy is that the contractions are the worst part of the birthing process. I wouldn't advise suffering through contractions on a hospital stretcher.

I mean, you can physically feel your pelvic bones shifting to make way for your baby, it puts into perspective any type of pain you've ever experienced. Anything up until that point was really not that bad compared to what you endure to bring life into this world.

Since I'll have to go through that labor all over again for number 2, I'd rather do it in a tub, with soothing fragrances around me than strapped to a hospital bed, wouldn't you?! 

If you've used a midwife in the past, feel free to share your experiences with me!

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