#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 3

Welcome to podcast 3 for #diversebooks4diversekids! This week I'm sharing 6 stories that share messages about being yourself! It is so important to have books that promote self-confidence and teaching kids about appreciating what makes us all special. Make sure to listen to the audio and leave a comment below!

1. "My Forever Home" by Joanie Boney. This book encourages adopting black cats because they stay in shelters for a long time due to negative stereotypes about their color. To buy a copy, shop here

2. "Harriet and the Spaghetti Snake" by Tracy Kushwaha. This book is about a brave little girl named Harriet who stops a gigantic monster made of spaghetti in her wildest dream. To buy a copy, shop here

3. "Rock On With Your Afro Puffs" by Sherrita Berry-Pettus. This book is about African-American girls having confidence wearing their natural curly hair and being proud of it! To buy a copy, shop here

4. "A is for Anacostia" by Dr. Courtney Davis, This book is all about the love of Washington DC! Every alphabet letter represents things you can see, hear, or do around the city. To buy a copy, shop here

5. "Today the Teacher Changed Our Seats" by Francis Collings. This book is about a little girl who doesn't like to be grouped together with students in class because she feels left out. To buy a copy, shop here

6. Gloria and the Unicorn by Wanda Luthman. This book is about Gloria, a girl with facial disfigurement who lives in a children's home. She makes friends with a unicorn who teaches her to love herself. To buy a copy, shop here