#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 4

This week is all about friendship! I have some amazing stories that highlight the special friendships between the characters of this week's diverse book characters. We get to learn about exciting new cultures in books like "The Mystery of The Missing Parathas" and "The Old Man with a Pocketful of Bees". We also learn about how we can make new friends with children who have autism in "Lucy's Amazing Friend" and that sometimes a kid's best friend can be their mama like in "Brown Boy" or a cousin like in "The Magical Day".

1. The Magical Day by Sandra Elaine Scott. This book is about a little boy who takes a trip to visit his aunt and his cousin to have adventures on his summer vacation. Beats being at home with a new baby! To buy the book, shop here.

2. Lucy's Amazing Friend by Stephanie Workman. This book is about the wonderful friendship between Lucy and her friend Daniel. Daniel was born with autism and at first has trouble playing with the group until Lucy helps make him more comfortable. To buy the book, shop here.

3. The Mystery of the Missing Parathas by Shweta Chopra & Shuchi Mehta. This books is about how a silly trio of Monkeys plan a going away party for their Dadima. They have to learn to work together to make food for the party when the food they prepared vanishes! To buy the book, shop here.

4. The Man with A Pocketful of Bees By Frances Gilbert. This book is about a unique old man who lives in the countryside. He becomes friends with a group of bees that are nicer to him than the people in town. To buy the book, shop here.

5. Brown Boy by Daphnie Glenn is about a little boy who is super close with his mom. She teaches him that people might not always like him because of his color. She also teaches him that he should be friends with people from all backgrounds. To buy the book, shop here.