#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 8

This week, we are talking about love! Loving our bodies, loving our families, loving our special talents, loving our communities, and most importantly loving to work hard for a cause that affects millions of people.

1.  My Spots By Marina V. This beautifully illustrated book is about how all animals were born with spots and birthmarks and we are just like giraffes, fish, and other organisms with marks. My Spots teaches children that each of us have marks or "spots" that are natural and beautiful because they are unique to them. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

2. The Holiday Boys by Onicka J. Daniel. The Holiday Boys is a book about a little boy who finally gets the best news from his mom and dad that he will be getting a baby brother who he can love and protect! The best part is, they both were born on holidays. Proceeds of this book go to providing resources to people suffering from domestic abuse. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

3. Izzie The Inchworm's First Day of School by Viki Heagy. Izzie is nervous about her first day of school because she's living in a new area with new people around her. This book teaches kids that they can adjust to a new school and believe in themselves. Every one has special talents. This book is a great resource to talk about bullying. To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

4. Pencil Ninja Presents: Only Love Can Heal Us Now (Pencil Ninja Adventures Volume 3) by William Holland. This book is about Pencil Ninja and his encounter with police brutality and the media that portrays African Americans and police officers in an often negative way. Pencil Ninja is determined to stop the violence that affects the people around him that he loves. To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

5. She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea Clinton introduces tiny feminists, mini activists and little kids who are ready to take on the world to thirteen inspirational women who never took no for an answer, and who always, inevitably and without fail, persisted. Throughout American history, there have always been women who have spoken out for what's right, even when they have to fight to be heard. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

“The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.” -Margaret Chase Smith
— She Persisted By Chelsea Clinton