#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 9

This week's podcast for #diversebooks4diversekids is a collection of curated stories from authors from across the country. 

1.  The Remembering Wall by Laura Sterling. "The Remembering Wall" and Laura Sterling's second book following her debut book, "Under My Bed". This book is about a diverse community of people who come together to make their city prettier by covering the grungy graffiti walls with beautiful mural that they create together. To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

2. When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner. "When God Made You" is about how each of us was born exactly the way God designed us to be. Not only were we a part of God's plan the whole time, he delights in seeing us thrive and spread love to other people. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

3. White Bear's Big Adventure by Marie Cheine. "Big White Bear's Big Adventure" is about a white teddy bear that was given to a patient named Angel who was born with illnesses that cause her to need lots of treatments. On one trip to the hospital Angel is going to receive an organ replacement that will give her a chance at a better life. Bear gets separated from Angel and has to find his way back before Angel realizes he's missing! To buy a copy of this book, shop here

4. Popcorn Behind the Bush by Grace LaJoy Henderson. "Popcorn Behind the Bush" is about a curious and independent little girl named Gracie who uses her problem solving abilities to figure out where the mailman has left a gift that her grandma had sent her. This is the first of 6 books out of "The Gracie Series". To pre-order a copy of this book, shop here

5. Love is by Diane Adams. "Love Is" is about a little girl who raises a duckling into a duck. She realizes that love is the patience it takes her to feed, bathe, and take care of a baby and love is letting it go when he needs to fly with other birds like him. This book is for any pet-owner or parent who have to learn that loving and raising a baby-especially when you have to let go-isn't easy. To buy a copy of this book, shop here.