Smile Brighter with Smile Brilliant

Do you ever glance in the mirror and notice your teeth are not as bright and white as they can be? If you're anything like me, you rely on coffee (and sometimes wine) to ease your day. As much as we love those beverages, they can cause discoloration and those unwanted, dingy looking chomps.

In the past, professional teeth whitening meant leaving home and scheduling a long visit in the dentist chair which wasn't complete with having a huge LED machine in your face. As a mom, we know that self-care appointments get pushed to the back burner. Thanks to Smile Brilliant, I can get professional teeth whitening in the comfort of my home, or whiten my teeth on the go!


Smile Brilliant is perfect for me because I noticed a difference in my teeth after one 20 minute session. All you have to do is order your kit online and they will send you all the materials to make your upper and lower impressions. You'll get a custom dental experience in minutes.

Making your impressions:

1. To make your impressions, first, open your Smile Brilliant box. You'll find the putty you need to mix together. Roll the putty mix to a long cylinder and gently place it on the first blue tray. Make your upper impression first by placing the tray around your upper row of teeth, and bite down. Careful though! Do not press the tray with your hands.

2. Repeat the steps for number 1, but do this with your lower teeth.

3. Drop the impression trays with your information card into the provided return bubble mailer and wait for your trays to arrive in the mail!


Once your custom trays arrive:

1. Brush your teeth with no toothpaste to prep your teeth. Make sure your new LED light has the batteries in.

2. Pop open one of the tubes of the desensitizing gel and give a generous squeeze around your custom upper and lower trays. Put those in and wait 20 minutes prior to whitening.

3. Once you've desensitized, pop open one of the whitening tubes and squeeze the gel around your trays. Now you can whiten your teeth hands free while you work or watch a short episode on tv.

With just one session, you'll start to see the difference too! Whiten as often as you like to get even more dramatic results! I suggest taking before and after photos so you can see your own improvement.

Get your own kit at Smile Brilliant!

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Before Whitening with Smile Brilliant

Before Whitening with Smile Brilliant

After Whitening with Smile Brilliant

After Whitening with Smile Brilliant

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