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7 Bad Habits To Leave Behind in 2018

New Year, who’s this? We should all be aspiring to better ourselves daily. One key thing to having any new year start well is positivity and goals. Progress tends to slow to a halt if you are exuding bad vibes or having a concurrent problem of poor planning. This year could be full of new goals for yourself! For me, I’m starting a new full-time job and getting everything hyper-organized for myself and our whole family. I’m determined to start the year with a fresh attitude and to let go of all bad habits and leave them in 2018.

Fortunately for all of us, we get to celebrate the coming of a new year every December 31st. We can analyze our lives to see what helped us become more successful that year, and what didn’t. There is nothing that will hold you back from achieving large strides or crushing goals faster than bringing old baggage from the year before into the new year.

Baggage can come in many forms! Sometimes, it can be one-sided relationships, toxic bad habits, or even a disheveled state of mind. There’s one sure way to cut out things that don’t work, quit it cold turkey. These are the 7 bad habits to leave behind to start the year with a fresh and happy mindset.

1. Bad attitude

The number one bad habit to drop is a bad attitude. Waking up with a bad attitude is a sure way to piss off everyone around you and send out the wrong energy you want to attract from others. Many of us with kids may blame inadequate sleep for having one, but I found there are things that can counter my bad attitude for the day like having a large coffee before breakfast or spending time with my dogs before work. Figure out what your anti-bad vibe things are and strive to do them daily.

2. Procrastination

Do you ever have so much to do that you swear you’ll do it better tomorrow? Tomorrow is always a day away. Procrastination comes from a fear of not doing things well so, you put it off repetitively. It’s a way many of us can hold ourselves back from putting whatever we’re doing out there in the world for others to judge. Whatever you’re working on WILL be good enough and you will never know unless you try. Don’t wait another second.

3. Disorganized spaces

Does your desk or living space look like the desk from hell? You know the one with papers everywhere even though your notes have been logged on your phone for months? Or maybe, you use the post-it method where you leave sticky notes to remind yourself of important dates. Either way, having your things unorganized is a reflection of your brain and it’s ability to effectively get things done. It’s impossible to think clearly when you’re surrounded by messy stacks of jumbled belongings. Buy a planner, take a few minutes to reorganize your most clutter-filled spaces, and worst case, buy storage solutions with sections so you may organize your stuff once and for all.

4. Anxiety

Quit worrying! So much easier said than done. How do you leave your worries behind? Anxiety can be caused by poor mental health, financial strife, relationships, and even lack of exercise. Focus on setting 3 key goals to accomplish for the day. It can be as simple as fitting in a 30-minute workout or spending an hour studying a new subject. Goal setting can allow you to have a sense of purpose for every day of the week. You’d be surprised on how great you’ll feel when you accomplish what you set out to do for the day.

5. Bad diet

Poor nutrition will leave you feeding like crap every single day. It’s not about how much you weigh, but how you look and feel in your own skin. Bad dieting can lead to new medical issues, acne prone skin, signs of early-aging, hair loss, and of course, obesity. It’s important to have a balanced diet so you have the energy you need to be focused all day. I have a huge sugar tooth, so I have to limit myself to one sweet a day. Outside of that, cutting out starches like bread, potatoes, and pastas out for a few weeks can jumpstart a healthy diet. The Keto Diet is something to look into if you need a strict no-carb regimen. If you’re not dieting, things like whole grains, vegetables, Ph balanced water, and organic protein are just a few things you’ll need for a healthy diet.

6. One-sided relationships

Relationships are tricky because humans crave companionship. It’s easy to get comfortable with people especially if you’ve known them or spent time with them over the course of many years. Unfortunately, people can grow apart and a relationship may be sustained by only one person’s effort. That’s when the relationship is unhealthy. Those are the type of relationships to let go of in 2019. Your time is valuable and your effort could be appreciated by someone else or could be better served if you were working on a personal goal.

7. Old clothes

That sweater from 2013 keeps staring at you in your face. You’ve worn it a 1,000 times, taken pictures in it, and it has a noticeable flaw somewhere, yet, you still keep space for it. Take all your clothing like that and put it into one very large plastic bag, a trash bag. Then, tie that very large trash bag three times. Load the bag into your car and drive it to the nearest clothing donation center in your area and don’t turn back. You will not miss that sweater and that sweater will definitely not miss you.


If I’ve learned anything this past year…

Success doesn’t happen overnight. You have to put time into the things you want and love, both in goals and in relationships. The goal is always to achieve more in the new year than you have in the past. Once you identify your top three goals of the day, you have so much more focus on what to channel your energy in. Shedding bad habits like procrastination and poor eating will set you on a lighter and happier path for life.