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I Won't Feed Our Toddler McDonald's Again

Last week, we were in a rush to get from Maryland to Virginia and stopped at McDonald's to get something quick and on the way to a family memorial. Although fast food is something I wouldn't feed my kid or eat on a normal basis we were trying to get something quick to eat. I've always known McDonalds and other fast food places put harmful and unsafe ingredients and additives into their food. I want to share about how my baby's digestive system handled a very small meal from McDonalds. We experienced the nightmare first hand of what those additives do to our body systems.

Aria ate 3 chicken nuggets, a handful of fries, and some yogurt from McDonalds that afternoon. By that evening when it was time for her to poop, she COULDN'T and she couldn't even tell us what was going on because she didn't understand why it was so painful for her. 

I was upstairs in our townhouse when Dez was downstairs with Aria and I heard her SCREAMING because her number2 was so painful. He had no idea what was going on and called for me to help him. He described it as, one minute she was fine, the next she wasn't. What happened was that Aria normally eats organic foods and snacks, even if she's eating off our meals. One day of McDonald's for her resulted pain and tears. I checked her diaper and found (sorry for the TMI) a huge ball of poop that was covered in blood because her system simply could not process it.

My heart broke to see her crying and affected by something we had fed her. 

I would never keep giving her food knowing now it was so painful for her it. I can't keep quiet that McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell and those type of joints add unnecessary chemicals and ingredients that shouldn't be digested. It's burns me up to know that food brands put things like "hormone-free" and "no additives" just to be more attractive to consumers. They're responding to the noticeable shift in society that people care about what their eating and that they are gravitating towards healthier options to feed themselves and their families. Shouldn't it be standard to only have natural foods available? Organic foods are a few dollars more per meal-but we get benefits of a longer life just by eliminating harmful foods from our diets. Babies will get accustomed to the healthy diets that we promote early which is something they can maintain for the rest of their lives.

Please share about this to other moms you know to get fast food away from our babies, don't let them go through what Aria did. 


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