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He Took My Breath Away...How he finally proposed- was worth it.

After 6 very, very ( did I say very?) long time, my long time boyfriend Dezmond finally proposed. It was a declaration of love and he completely surprised me! We had been planning a trip to New York for our anniversary for some time and figured it was best to take the bus up there. Our bus left DC at 5:00 am so we dropped off Aria the night before so mom and dad could have some alone time.

We get to the bus stop in the morning with hopes of sleeping on the way there. We got on the bus and almost immediately Dez needed to use the restroom. About 2 minutes after he left I realized the bus was moving and knowing how urgently he needed to use the restroom, I was hoping he didn't have to get off the bus to use the can. I texted him calmly like "Hey you're on the bus, right?" His reply was "Naw, I had to step off the bus. I'll be right back." Before I could even think straight I ran down the aisle of the top deck of the Megabus and ran down the stairs to the bus driver saying "Turn around turn around! My boyfriend is in the bathroom!" Nobody was impressed with me. They had blank faces including the driver who had no idea what I was saying, and I'm quite sure I never figured out what language she spoke. Finally after asking in desperation if anyone had seen my boyfriend a woman from the back of the first level uttered, I think I saw him but I don't think I saw him leave. Magically the restroom door flies open and there is my boyfriend who spend the next 20 minutes in a laughing fit because of how crazy I looked to a bus of people about to take a 5 hour trip together. Awesome. I have a sense of humor though so we laughed before we both slept the rest of the way there. When we woke up the only sure plan we had was our hotel booking so we went there first and luckily was able to check in before breakfast.

We enjoyed our omelettes and french toast meals together and we felt ready to take on the city! It was freezing in the city and it was snowing all day long. Even with the element against us we braved the streets to shop, sip some drinks, snap some photos, and enjoy some tasty food together. 

I had been stalking this amazing tattoo shop on Instagram called Red Baron Ink that is located in NYC. We decided to call to see if they would have any availability to do matching tattoos for us to honor our daughter Aria Rose. Sure enough they answered so we planned to get there around 6:00. It took us a bit to get there because about 20 taxi cars ignored our hails and we waited patiently for the hotel concierge to call us a cab so we wouldn't be standing in the cold. 

We excitedly get to Red Baron, little did I know, Dez wasn't done with his surprises. We met up with Sue who is a talented tattoo artist who specializes in black and grey. She sketched out the piece, set it up, and Dez went first. His took a little bit because he was being extra wiggly! After, I got mine done and as we waited we researched some restaurants to go to after. As we were paying and getting ready to go I hear a video begin on the television. We're standing there anxiously as the video buffered shortly into it. After some refreshing the video started again. I would tell you about it but it's way easier to see how sweet it was when you see it. Click the video link below.

After the video was over I knew what was happening but I was in total shock. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! He had called the shop ahead of time and had coordinated with Giselle one of the owners to play this video to set the scene for his proposal. She had a huge bottle of Prosecco waiting for us to celebrate. I was in awe. I had never seen him so romantic or nervous! Even after Aria was born and he cut her umbilical cord. I have never seen him plan so meticulously to surprise me and with the most perfect ring of all. He was able to take elements from other rings he had given me in this new, perfect, engagement ring. Now we have a wedding to plan! The rest is history. I can't wait to be Mrs. Seifu! See a clip of our engagement here.