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Christmas memories of our babies!

Christmas time is here again!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is making christmas ornaments that have Aria's teeny hands imprinted into them. This is such an inexpensive and special way to customize your family's christmas tree this year.

I found this kit at T.J. Max for $5.00. It comes with a prepackaged soft clay slab, a rolling pin, and a punch hole. It also has glitter and a ribbon for that perfect finished touch. I always date the front or back of them so we can remember just how old she was when her hands were that teeny. 

Christmas is one of my favorite times to decorate the house. I love the tawny hues with silver edges and snowflake embroidery on fabric that screams holiday. Target and Tj Maxx came through for the win in our home.

Transforming our homes brings us a sense of joy for the beginning of the holiday season, and what that means for to our family, and what we will celebrate with our children. Our stockings are hand painted, festive doesn't mean expensive.

It's not about how much we spend for the holidays but who we spend them with.