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#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 5

This week we're talking about book characters with special abilities! Each of these stories have a lead that has a super power or friend that is extraordinary. In this podcast, you'll read about a little loving caterpillar saves his whole community, and how Lydi prepares for her new little brother with the help of some magic. Listen to a story about an amazing smile that gives an entire family hope and a story about a group of penguins help a lost princess. Last but not least, you can't have magical stories without a mystical dragon! 

1. "The Very Loving Caterpillar" by Sean Browne. This is a story about a brave caterpillar who loves his friends. He saves his entire community from the harsh effects of their climate. To buy this book, click here.

2. "Princess Lydi and the Baby Brother" by Genie Webb. This is a story about a princess named Lydi who uses magic to prepare herself for the arrival of her new baby brother. To buy this book, click here

3. "Smile Big Dream Bigger" by Andrea Scott. This book is about an amazing little girl who stays hopeful that there is a better future out there for herself in her family. Her big smile and big dreams will take her to new heights. To buy this book, click here

4. "Princess Leah and the Penguins" by Coco Roberts. Princess Leah gets separated from her family in the land of Guzza, a helpful group of penguins helps her survive until she's reunited with her family. To buy this book, click here

5. "A Minty Green Dragon" by Damian O' Connor. This British author tells the tale of a green dragon who becomes friends with a little girl. They find out that humans and dragons have more in common than they think! To buy this book, click here