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No attitude, No problem.

If they don’t have an attitude, we don’t have any problems.

Do any of you have tiny humans who act like teenagers already? If you’re parenting anyone who’s in the 2-7 year age range, it may feel like that.

Aria loves to make dramatic exits from our room when she’s annoyed. You’ll hear, “I’m going to my room” and see her stomping all the way to the door that she grips tightly to slam it shut behind her. When did our three year old turn into my thirteen-year-old self?!

It’s easy to lose your cool when speaking to your attitude-prone child. But, it’s important to remember that if you don’t correct their behavior, it will be up to other adults, caretakers, and teachers to try to instill better behavior in your kid.

Here are the 5 things to do to eliminate tantrums and hissy fits with small kids.

  1. Talk calmly and clearly. Acknowledge when their behavior is bad and clearly state that you are giving them one warning which is their opportunity to correct themselves.

  2. Do not repeat yourself. After the one-time warning, send them to their room. Time alone with no toys or stimulation is super effective. Increments of 5 minutes usually works well depending on the severity of the attitude.

  3. Set expectations and don’t waiver. When you set a punishment for behavior, be consistent with the way you reprimand them. They will remember the negative consequences for bad behavior.

  4. Reflect. Talk to them about the situation that happened and offer a solution you would have preferred to see. For instance, if they’re yelling, demonstrate them the voice level that is appropriate.

  5. Rewards. Rewards should be given if your kid uses good coping and reasoning skills to de-escalate their attitude on their own.


What I’ve learned…

If you had any type of attitude growing up, your child will serve it back to you tenfold. Instead of raising your voice, or saying the same thing twenty times, try these 5 tactics. I’ve found that in motherhood, nannying, and teaching that they are super effective, especially if you consistently use this method.

My Favorite Trend This Fall: Unique Wooden Watches by JORD

Fall is my absolute favorite season! I’m obsessed with the smell of crisp air, yummy comfort food, and all the beautiful earth tones to dress up in! My favorite accessory this fall are WOODEN watches. JORD is an amazing company that makes these gorgeous watches and they have many different styles to choose from for women and men.

JORD wooden watches are effortlessly cool and lightweight so you will want to wear it every single day. There is something for everyone in their newest collection whether you prefer delicate thinner bands or bigger watch faces. The coolest thing about their watches are they’re customizable! They can be engraved with thoughtful messages for your loved ones.

JORD watches are absolute statement pieces and the styles they’ve created are timeless. My first choice was the Ebony and Sable Cassia Watch. The dark Ebony wood stood out to me because of it’s chocolate brown color and matte finish. The black roman numerals on the face looked super chic against the gold metal accents on the outer rim and turning dial.

I accessorized my Cassia watch with my winter-ready outfit, a dark green cardigan sweater, wine colored leggings, and dark brown hiking boots! The Cassia style comes in three different colors, too. The Walnut & Rose, Olive & Blue, and Zebra & Ivory variations of the Cassia model are also super stunning.


JORD made it easy to keep my watch looking its best by providing a free care package (valued at $115) that was complete with a J-stamped cedar box, a soft cleaning cloth, and an applicator pen filled with wood-treatment gel so I can treat my watch as needed. They have created a quality product that can stay in a family for generations.

I’ve partnered with JORD to kick off this season of giving, and everybody gets something! All entries will receive an automatic 10% off discount code, but ONE lucky winner will receive a $100 credit to JORD watches by just entering the giveaway! You could get one of these babies just in time for the holidays. Crazy, right?!

You have until 11:59 pm on 12/21 to enter!

#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 7

Today's lesson for #diversebooks4diversekids is loving who we are! We have to teach ourselves and our children that we can learn to love our flaws and quirky characteristics about each of us, because that's who makes us who we are. Check out these books that promote individuality, acceptance, and most importantly-self love!

1. My Belly Has Two Buttons by Meikele Lee. This story is about a little boy named Nico who was born with a rare condition that requires him to have a feeding tube. He's inspiring because he doesn't complain about his illness or feeding tube, he is just a happy toddler! To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

2. Special Delivery: Love Has No Bounds by Natalie M. Kennedy. This story is about a small  Boston Terrier named Chestnut who was born with a slight limp, he doesn't give up hope that the right forever family will take him home anyway. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

3. I Am Queen by Daryl Davis. This story is about a young girl who listens to her father remind her that she is a queen through all stages of her life, so she will always demand to be treated like one by other people and even herself. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

4. I Can Be by Felicia Lee. This story is about using your imagination to think up all the amazing to think up of all the creative, exciting jobs you could be when you grow up. All of us have the potential to dream and achieve big things! To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

5. I'm Naturally Beautiful by Jerod Simon. This book is about African-American girls learning to love their natural hair and skin and to remind us all our natural hair and brown skin make us beautiful. Jerod Simon's message is that yes- we are all naturally beautiful, but we can accomplish goals we set our minds to! To buy a copy of this book, shop here

#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 6

Hey everyone! I'm serving up 5 new books today! Each of these books are special because each of these authors talk about characters who are unique because of the situations they go through.

Even though children are immature, they are still faced with tough decisions like: how to deal with strangers and bullies, like in "Afro-Man and The Protectors: Stranger Danger Adventure Book" and "Tyronne Carter Kid Scientist" or how to find food for oneself in "Annie Aardvark, Mathematician". Some kids have to learn to love a step-parent like in "Having Two Dads is Rad!" Finally, the book "Trees" helps us understand that people (like trees) come in all different shapes and sizes.

1. Afro-Man and The Protectors: Stranger Danger Adventure Book by Jacquie Allen and Kofi Johnson

Afro-Man and The Protectors: Stranger Danger Adventure Book is about a group of super-hero friends who have to use good judgement to avoid bad strangers! This book was written by children & youth advocate Jacquie Allen. It teaches kids to be aware around of your surroundings and the people you meet. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

2. Tyronne Carter Kid Scientist by Dr. Tyronne E. Carter

Tyronne is an intelligent kid who loves science and reading. A neighborhood bully tries to pick on Tyronne because he's a brainiac. Tyronne proves to him that you can learn a lot through picking up a book or two! To buy a copy of this book, shop here

3. Annie Aardvark, Mathematician by Suzie Olsen

Annie is an adorable little aardvark who goes out by herself to look for some food! She comes across some tasty berries and bugs and loves using her math skills to count how many she finds on her exploration. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

4. Having 2 Dads is Rad! (Why Stepdads Are Awesome) by C. Perdue

This book is great for blended families! This little girl talks about her very sweet relationship with her biological dad who she loves very much. She sees her stepdad as a great addition to her life because they have fun together too! Why only love one dad when you can love them both? To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

5. Trees by Shondra M. Quarles

Trees is a book that makes an analogy of humans being like trees. Both people and trees have many things in common the ability to grow and get older with time. We have to learn that we are all more alike than we look like on the outside. To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 5

This week we're talking about book characters with special abilities! Each of these stories have a lead that has a super power or friend that is extraordinary. In this podcast, you'll read about a little loving caterpillar saves his whole community, and how Lydi prepares for her new little brother with the help of some magic. Listen to a story about an amazing smile that gives an entire family hope and a story about a group of penguins help a lost princess. Last but not least, you can't have magical stories without a mystical dragon! 

1. "The Very Loving Caterpillar" by Sean Browne. This is a story about a brave caterpillar who loves his friends. He saves his entire community from the harsh effects of their climate. To buy this book, click here.

2. "Princess Lydi and the Baby Brother" by Genie Webb. This is a story about a princess named Lydi who uses magic to prepare herself for the arrival of her new baby brother. To buy this book, click here

3. "Smile Big Dream Bigger" by Andrea Scott. This book is about an amazing little girl who stays hopeful that there is a better future out there for herself in her family. Her big smile and big dreams will take her to new heights. To buy this book, click here

4. "Princess Leah and the Penguins" by Coco Roberts. Princess Leah gets separated from her family in the land of Guzza, a helpful group of penguins helps her survive until she's reunited with her family. To buy this book, click here

5. "A Minty Green Dragon" by Damian O' Connor. This British author tells the tale of a green dragon who becomes friends with a little girl. They find out that humans and dragons have more in common than they think! To buy this book, click here

#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 4

This week is all about friendship! I have some amazing stories that highlight the special friendships between the characters of this week's diverse book characters. We get to learn about exciting new cultures in books like "The Mystery of The Missing Parathas" and "The Old Man with a Pocketful of Bees". We also learn about how we can make new friends with children who have autism in "Lucy's Amazing Friend" and that sometimes a kid's best friend can be their mama like in "Brown Boy" or a cousin like in "The Magical Day".

1. The Magical Day by Sandra Elaine Scott. This book is about a little boy who takes a trip to visit his aunt and his cousin to have adventures on his summer vacation. Beats being at home with a new baby! To buy the book, shop here.

2. Lucy's Amazing Friend by Stephanie Workman. This book is about the wonderful friendship between Lucy and her friend Daniel. Daniel was born with autism and at first has trouble playing with the group until Lucy helps make him more comfortable. To buy the book, shop here.

3. The Mystery of the Missing Parathas by Shweta Chopra & Shuchi Mehta. This books is about how a silly trio of Monkeys plan a going away party for their Dadima. They have to learn to work together to make food for the party when the food they prepared vanishes! To buy the book, shop here.

4. The Man with A Pocketful of Bees By Frances Gilbert. This book is about a unique old man who lives in the countryside. He becomes friends with a group of bees that are nicer to him than the people in town. To buy the book, shop here.

5. Brown Boy by Daphnie Glenn is about a little boy who is super close with his mom. She teaches him that people might not always like him because of his color. She also teaches him that he should be friends with people from all backgrounds. To buy the book, shop here.