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I don't know about you, but this Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, I felt like I got smacked in the face with the turkey I ate on Thursday. Nothing feels better than having your go-to palette for quick and versatile looks for any occasion. I recently ordered this highly-reviewed and CHEAP palette that the makeup world has been raving about. For $22.99 let's just say I'm pleasantly surprised.

In order to get the nice smokey eyelid creases that we all envy it's key to have some trusty blending eyeshadow brushes so you can get the deepness of color that this palette is known for.

There are so many shades and it can seem overwhelming! A quick rule of thumb is 'nude, dark, darker'. Meaning start off in the corner of your eyes closest to your nose and work your way out. Pick 3 colors: 1 nude (Upper left of the palette), 1 med dark color (Upper right of the palette) and 1 dark color (3 bottom rows of the palette). 

1. Sweep nude color over the entire eyelid using a flat eyeshadow brush

2. Use a med dark color and use a blending brush to pat into the outside crease of your eye. Start blending from the top of your eyelid to the bottom and work the entire crease.

3. Use the darkest color and blend the darkest color outside of the medium dark shade. Wipe brush off on a towel and use the blending brush to blend together all the colors. First the nude to medium dark, then then the medium dark to the dark color.

4. Use the nude color to stroke over the brow bone. Blend well