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My Favorite Trend This Fall: Unique Wooden Watches by JORD

Fall is my absolute favorite season! I’m obsessed with the smell of crisp air, yummy comfort food, and all the beautiful earth tones to dress up in! My favorite accessory this fall are WOODEN watches. JORD is an amazing company that makes these gorgeous watches and they have many different styles to choose from for women and men.

JORD wooden watches are effortlessly cool and lightweight so you will want to wear it every single day. There is something for everyone in their newest collection whether you prefer delicate thinner bands or bigger watch faces. The coolest thing about their watches are they’re customizable! They can be engraved with thoughtful messages for your loved ones.

JORD watches are absolute statement pieces and the styles they’ve created are timeless. My first choice was the Ebony and Sable Cassia Watch. The dark Ebony wood stood out to me because of it’s chocolate brown color and matte finish. The black roman numerals on the face looked super chic against the gold metal accents on the outer rim and turning dial.

I accessorized my Cassia watch with my winter-ready outfit, a dark green cardigan sweater, wine colored leggings, and dark brown hiking boots! The Cassia style comes in three different colors, too. The Walnut & Rose, Olive & Blue, and Zebra & Ivory variations of the Cassia model are also super stunning.


JORD made it easy to keep my watch looking its best by providing a free care package (valued at $115) that was complete with a J-stamped cedar box, a soft cleaning cloth, and an applicator pen filled with wood-treatment gel so I can treat my watch as needed. They have created a quality product that can stay in a family for generations.

I’ve partnered with JORD to kick off this season of giving, and everybody gets something! All entries will receive an automatic 10% off discount code, but ONE lucky winner will receive a $100 credit to JORD watches by just entering the giveaway! You could get one of these babies just in time for the holidays. Crazy, right?!

You have until 11:59 pm on 12/21 to enter!

Christmas memories of our babies!

Christmas time is here again!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is making christmas ornaments that have Aria's teeny hands imprinted into them. This is such an inexpensive and special way to customize your family's christmas tree this year.

I found this kit at T.J. Max for $5.00. It comes with a prepackaged soft clay slab, a rolling pin, and a punch hole. It also has glitter and a ribbon for that perfect finished touch. I always date the front or back of them so we can remember just how old she was when her hands were that teeny. 

Christmas is one of my favorite times to decorate the house. I love the tawny hues with silver edges and snowflake embroidery on fabric that screams holiday. Target and Tj Maxx came through for the win in our home.

Transforming our homes brings us a sense of joy for the beginning of the holiday season, and what that means for to our family, and what we will celebrate with our children. Our stockings are hand painted, festive doesn't mean expensive.

It's not about how much we spend for the holidays but who we spend them with.