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Talkin' First-Time Pregnancies With MTV's Cheyenne Floyd!

Talk about pregnancy glow! Cheyenne rocked form-fitted and bump-enhancing maternity style.

I got the chance to catch up with MTV AYTO star Cheyenne Floyd who is expecting a pretty little girl in a few weeks- and she has been effortlessly glamming her way through pregnancy I might add! I've been dying to ask her the questions we've all been asked when we were #youngdumbandmomming for the first time. 

A. Cole: What is your biggest fear becoming a young mom?
Cheyenne: I am so excited to become a mom that I haven't let fear in my heart. This is such a blessing and positive time in my life that fear has not been a part of. Between meditation and educating myself on what is going on with my body and labor I am at such a calm place. Combined with the support that I have and my mother I am just ready!

A. Cole: What are the unexpected things in your pregnancy you wish someone had told you?
Cheyenne: I wish I knew how bad heartburn was! I have had the worst heartburn and nobody told me how much it would effect my pregnancy. I also did not realize how much my eating habits would change, certain foods that I normally love i can't stand to look at now.

A. Cole: Where do you experience the most pain now that you're in the final stretch?
Cheyenne: The final stretch has been the hardest part of my pregnancy. My first two trimester were a breeze compared to these last few months. This last month I haven't slept, I am constantly uncomfortable and the biggest I have ever weighed. Honestly getting out of bed is the most painful haha!

A Cole: Has sleeping been harder in this last trimester? If so, what do you use to help you sleep?
Cheyenne: Thank God for my friends who have been there for me from day one of my pregnancy, they have helped me a lot with all there gifts. One of those were a huge body pillow that takes up about half my bed. I don't think I would be able to live without my pregnancy pillow. Along with taking heartburn medicine before bed and have a bottle of water close by.

A. Cole: Do you worry that your friends or people your age wont be able to relate to you the same once your priority is baby Ryder?
Cheyenne: My support system is incredible, my family an friends are going to love Ryder and already understand that she is my mine priority. I am the first out of my friends to have a baby so it will be new to all of us and a learning experience.

A. Cole: What was your favorite part about being pregnant?
Cheyenne: My favorite part about being pregnant has been watching my belly grow and feeling her kicks. I love feeling her move around and hearing her heartbeat. It's been such a life changing experience and crazy to watch my body grow to create this little girl. I can't believe that I have been so blessed to have her and now all I can do is patiently wait for her arrival.

It's amazing to know that we all share similar maternity experiences- whether we have boys or girls, pregnancy takes it's toll on the body! Thank god we are rewarded with the cutest nuggets to make up for all the pain and heartburn. Thanks Cheyenne for sharing with us today.