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#Diversebook4diversekids Podcast 10

This week I am serving up books all about identity! Being a kid is hard when you're still learning what it means to be yourself. These books talk about everything from gender in a way kids can understand, to embracing diverse families, overcoming personal anxieties, and discovering what makes us special. Sometimes being "special" means others may not understand us!

1. Who Are You? The Kid's Guide To Gender Identity By Brook Pessin-Whedbee

This is an amazing resource for parents and children so they can talk about the difference between gender and sexual assignments that we are born with. Pessin-Whedbee explains that gender is part of our identity which is unique to each of us. This is a important book to discuss when talking to kids about understanding their bodies better. To buy a copy of this "Who Are You", shop here.

2. Love Family By Norah Barrett Cooper

One of my favorite stories to date! Cooper has a book with illustrations as vibrant of the message. To this family, their time spent together represents how much they love each other. Love Family is a story about a family who invites their relatives over and they spend the day coloring, playing, and dancing while their food cooks. The wait is well worth it to enjoy delicious food and the company of loved ones. To buy a copy of "Love Family", shop here

3. The Tail of Max The Mindless Dog: A Children's Book on Mindfulness by Florenza Lee

This is a story about a dog named Max who thought up crazy ways for him to keep his tail safe from hurting it again and again. It bothered him so much, he wasn't able to play at recess with the other kids and dogs. One friend shows him that he can calm down by breathing to relieve his anxiety and his urge to tail chase. Max learns to enjoy playing again. He even gets picked to play baseball and hits a homer for his team. To buy a copy of "The Tail of Max The Mindless Dog", click here.

4. Sugar Foote and The Magic Crown by Anitra Ferguson

Sugar Foote and her family prepare for a garage sale when suddenly it starts to pour down rain! Their garage sale couldn't happen so her Papa called it off. Sugar Foote and her Nana go through old boxes in the attic to pass the time. In the attic, Sugar Foote finds a crown that helps her learn stories of queens from the past. Through the dialogue with past queens, Sugar Foote discovers that she herself if a queen too! To buy a copy of "Sugar Foote and the Magic Crown", click here.

5. Jazzy and The Bullies by Latriece M. Spires

Jazzy and the Bullies is about a girl who moved to Arkansas and starts a new school there. Although she's made some friends and has a favorite teacher, she has trouble adjusting to her new school because of a group of girls who laugh and mock her. On a trip to visit her grandmother, Jazzy seeks advice about how to deal with her "bully" problem. Grandma teaches her that Jazzy can have a better experience in school just by changing her attitude! To buy a copy of "Jazzy and the Bullies", click here.

#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 9

This week's podcast for #diversebooks4diversekids is a collection of curated stories from authors from across the country. 

1.  The Remembering Wall by Laura Sterling. "The Remembering Wall" and Laura Sterling's second book following her debut book, "Under My Bed". This book is about a diverse community of people who come together to make their city prettier by covering the grungy graffiti walls with beautiful mural that they create together. To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

2. When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner. "When God Made You" is about how each of us was born exactly the way God designed us to be. Not only were we a part of God's plan the whole time, he delights in seeing us thrive and spread love to other people. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

3. White Bear's Big Adventure by Marie Cheine. "Big White Bear's Big Adventure" is about a white teddy bear that was given to a patient named Angel who was born with illnesses that cause her to need lots of treatments. On one trip to the hospital Angel is going to receive an organ replacement that will give her a chance at a better life. Bear gets separated from Angel and has to find his way back before Angel realizes he's missing! To buy a copy of this book, shop here

4. Popcorn Behind the Bush by Grace LaJoy Henderson. "Popcorn Behind the Bush" is about a curious and independent little girl named Gracie who uses her problem solving abilities to figure out where the mailman has left a gift that her grandma had sent her. This is the first of 6 books out of "The Gracie Series". To pre-order a copy of this book, shop here

5. Love is by Diane Adams. "Love Is" is about a little girl who raises a duckling into a duck. She realizes that love is the patience it takes her to feed, bathe, and take care of a baby and love is letting it go when he needs to fly with other birds like him. This book is for any pet-owner or parent who have to learn that loving and raising a baby-especially when you have to let go-isn't easy. To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 8

This week, we are talking about love! Loving our bodies, loving our families, loving our special talents, loving our communities, and most importantly loving to work hard for a cause that affects millions of people.

1.  My Spots By Marina V. This beautifully illustrated book is about how all animals were born with spots and birthmarks and we are just like giraffes, fish, and other organisms with marks. My Spots teaches children that each of us have marks or "spots" that are natural and beautiful because they are unique to them. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

2. The Holiday Boys by Onicka J. Daniel. The Holiday Boys is a book about a little boy who finally gets the best news from his mom and dad that he will be getting a baby brother who he can love and protect! The best part is, they both were born on holidays. Proceeds of this book go to providing resources to people suffering from domestic abuse. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

3. Izzie The Inchworm's First Day of School by Viki Heagy. Izzie is nervous about her first day of school because she's living in a new area with new people around her. This book teaches kids that they can adjust to a new school and believe in themselves. Every one has special talents. This book is a great resource to talk about bullying. To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

4. Pencil Ninja Presents: Only Love Can Heal Us Now (Pencil Ninja Adventures Volume 3) by William Holland. This book is about Pencil Ninja and his encounter with police brutality and the media that portrays African Americans and police officers in an often negative way. Pencil Ninja is determined to stop the violence that affects the people around him that he loves. To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

5. She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea Clinton introduces tiny feminists, mini activists and little kids who are ready to take on the world to thirteen inspirational women who never took no for an answer, and who always, inevitably and without fail, persisted. Throughout American history, there have always been women who have spoken out for what's right, even when they have to fight to be heard. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

“The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.” -Margaret Chase Smith
— She Persisted By Chelsea Clinton
#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 7

Today's lesson for #diversebooks4diversekids is loving who we are! We have to teach ourselves and our children that we can learn to love our flaws and quirky characteristics about each of us, because that's who makes us who we are. Check out these books that promote individuality, acceptance, and most importantly-self love!

1. My Belly Has Two Buttons by Meikele Lee. This story is about a little boy named Nico who was born with a rare condition that requires him to have a feeding tube. He's inspiring because he doesn't complain about his illness or feeding tube, he is just a happy toddler! To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

2. Special Delivery: Love Has No Bounds by Natalie M. Kennedy. This story is about a small  Boston Terrier named Chestnut who was born with a slight limp, he doesn't give up hope that the right forever family will take him home anyway. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

3. I Am Queen by Daryl Davis. This story is about a young girl who listens to her father remind her that she is a queen through all stages of her life, so she will always demand to be treated like one by other people and even herself. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

4. I Can Be by Felicia Lee. This story is about using your imagination to think up all the amazing to think up of all the creative, exciting jobs you could be when you grow up. All of us have the potential to dream and achieve big things! To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

5. I'm Naturally Beautiful by Jerod Simon. This book is about African-American girls learning to love their natural hair and skin and to remind us all our natural hair and brown skin make us beautiful. Jerod Simon's message is that yes- we are all naturally beautiful, but we can accomplish goals we set our minds to! To buy a copy of this book, shop here

#Diversebooks4diversekids Podcast 6

Hey everyone! I'm serving up 5 new books today! Each of these books are special because each of these authors talk about characters who are unique because of the situations they go through.

Even though children are immature, they are still faced with tough decisions like: how to deal with strangers and bullies, like in "Afro-Man and The Protectors: Stranger Danger Adventure Book" and "Tyronne Carter Kid Scientist" or how to find food for oneself in "Annie Aardvark, Mathematician". Some kids have to learn to love a step-parent like in "Having Two Dads is Rad!" Finally, the book "Trees" helps us understand that people (like trees) come in all different shapes and sizes.

1. Afro-Man and The Protectors: Stranger Danger Adventure Book by Jacquie Allen and Kofi Johnson

Afro-Man and The Protectors: Stranger Danger Adventure Book is about a group of super-hero friends who have to use good judgement to avoid bad strangers! This book was written by children & youth advocate Jacquie Allen. It teaches kids to be aware around of your surroundings and the people you meet. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

2. Tyronne Carter Kid Scientist by Dr. Tyronne E. Carter

Tyronne is an intelligent kid who loves science and reading. A neighborhood bully tries to pick on Tyronne because he's a brainiac. Tyronne proves to him that you can learn a lot through picking up a book or two! To buy a copy of this book, shop here

3. Annie Aardvark, Mathematician by Suzie Olsen

Annie is an adorable little aardvark who goes out by herself to look for some food! She comes across some tasty berries and bugs and loves using her math skills to count how many she finds on her exploration. To buy a copy of this book, shop here

4. Having 2 Dads is Rad! (Why Stepdads Are Awesome) by C. Perdue

This book is great for blended families! This little girl talks about her very sweet relationship with her biological dad who she loves very much. She sees her stepdad as a great addition to her life because they have fun together too! Why only love one dad when you can love them both? To buy a copy of this book, shop here.

5. Trees by Shondra M. Quarles

Trees is a book that makes an analogy of humans being like trees. Both people and trees have many things in common the ability to grow and get older with time. We have to learn that we are all more alike than we look like on the outside. To buy a copy of this book, shop here.